EFTPS=Electronic Federal Tax Payment System.

How does EFTPS work?

Make your tax payments no matter where you are when your taxes are due, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using the payment scheduling capability built into EFTPS, you can enter your payment instructions up to 120 days in advance.

On the day before your scheduled due date, your payment(s) will be initiated. No more missed deadlines, coupons to keep track of, or last minute trips to the bank. Your payment will be automatically deducted from your enrolled bank account and your records will be updated at the IRS on the day you choose.

Businesses may also take advantage of services offered by some financial institutions (possibly for a fee) that debit your account and send the tax payment electronically to EFTPS.

Who controls making the tax payments?

You do. It’s your responsibility to initiate the tax payment. It will not occur automatically.

Does money move over the Internet?

No. Only information. Your tax payment report is the only information that moves over the Internet. The exchange of funds still occurs within your financial institution.

What information can I edit online?

The Edit Enrollment function allows you edit contact information and payment money limits.

The Edit Financial Institution function allows you to edit your financial institution (Routing Transit Number (RTN) and Account Number) information as well as the contact and payment money limits.

Why should I enroll in EFTPS?

After enrolling in EFTPS, you can make your payments electronically from from anywhere there's an Internet or phone connection. EFTPS eliminates the need for you to complete vouchers or Federal Tax Deposit (FTD) coupons, write a check, and take that check and coupon to a financial institution or the Post Office prior to tax due date.

EFTPS.gov is easy to use, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It allows you to make payments with short lead-time, and you can even schedule (warehouse) future payments if your tax liability is known in advance. You also receive an immediate acknowledgement of your tax payment instructions as a receipt.

What is the difference between the standard EFTPS enrollment and my Financial Institution sending a payment to EFTPS?

With a standard EFTPS enrollment, any individual or business taxpayer can access EFTPS directly to make your tax payment by Internet or phone. After scheduling the tax payment, you will receive an EFT Acknowledgment Number as a receipt confirming that your payment instructions have been received. If you have initiated your payment at least one calendar day before the tax due date, the payment will be debited against your account on the due date. All payments initiated through our standard EFTPS enrollment service are FREE of charge.

Some financial institutions may offer a tax payment service for business customers that you may be eligible to use. You initiate your tax payment through your financial institution, and it in turn debits your account and sends your tax payment electronically to EFTPS. You can use www.eftps.gov to check your payments or access your payment history, but you cannot make or cancel a payment through EFTPS online if you select EFTPS-Through a Financial Institution on your enrollment form. You should also ask about your financial institution's deadlines and fees.


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